The Special Education Division of the Monterey County Office of Education partners with Local Education Agencies, parents and integral community members and agencies to provide comprehensive special education services for students requiring highly specialized programming in order to make educational progress in school.

Every child is an individual with the right to an education that addresses his or her unique needs. Special Education services are designed to provide experiences that will enable each student to:

  1. utilize those critical skills and attitudes necessary to adapt and function in everyday life,
  2. achieve his/her fullest potential, and
  3. learn in an environment that facilitates comfort and security.

All children are active learners and have potential for growth. It is our goal to protect and nurture personal dignity, ensure health and safety, and promote understanding of the child, with the ultimate goal of equipping each student to transition successfully from school to the adult world.

The Special Education Division provides for the development of functional academic, social, communication, vocational and life skills for students with severely disabling conditions from birth to age twenty-two. Our programs serve students with cognitive impairment, orthopedic impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment, disorders of language and speech, emotional disturbance and autism.

We take pride in a highly qualified and dedicated staff with extensive experience and expertise, providing comprehensive support to all of our students to achieve their unique potential as valued and contributing members of their families and society.