Community Schools

Serve high-risk youths, including those referred by expulsion, probation, Truancy Abatement Program or a School Attendance Review Board; provide challenging academic curriculum; and develop pro-social skills and resiliency.


Community schools serve mandatory and other expelled students, students referred by a School Attendance Review Board, and other high-risk youths. The 360-minute minimum instructional day includes academic programs that provide challenging curriculum and individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities. Community school programs also focus on the development of pro-social skills and student self-esteem and resiliency. Community schools are intended to have low student-teacher ratios. Students benefit from learning support services that include school counselors and psychologists, academic and vocational counselors, and pupil discipline personnel. Students also receive collaborative services from county offices of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency personnel who work with at-risk youth. Community schools are supported by supplemental apportionment for community school attendance, in addition to base revenue funding.  View or download The Single Plan for Student Achievement

The Alternative Programs Community Schools are:

Salinas Community School
1420 Natividad Road
Salinas, CA 93906
831.755.3790    Fax: 831.753.1042
Boronda Independent Studies
1114 Fontes Lane      
Salinas, CA  93907      
831.753.5615     Fax: 831.783.3056
Warner Davis Community School
1295 La Salle
Seaside, CA 93955
831.899-1130     Fax: 831.899.2106

Silver Star Resource Center
855 E. Laurel Dr., Bld H
Salinas, CA  93905  
831.753.6572     Fax: 831.753.6573

Boronda Elementary Community Day School
1114 Fontes Lane
Salinas, CA  93907
831.751-3142     Fax: 831.753.5216
Rancho Cielo Community School
710 Old Stage Road
Salinas, CA 93906
831.444.3509     Fax: 831.444.3528