Common Core State Standards


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Resources for Developing CCSS Lessons and Assessments


Common Core resources by County in California
Revised Bloom's Taxonomy


Listed below are the States with Common Core resources.  Most States have general information about Common Core, but the following States have more extensive information, which is listed, as of 6/5/12.



  • Units of Study for K-12th grade in the areas of Reading and Writing (also Math)
  • PreK crosswalks
  • Publisher Criteria for Materials
  • Pacing Guides


  • Writing Rubrics
  • Scavenger Hunt activity
  • Text Passage Analysis


  • Performance-based Tasks
  • Kindergarten Observation Record
  • Resources for Teachers 
  • Significant Shifts for ELA


  • Unpacked Kindergarten Standards
  • Writing Rubrics for grades 5, 7, 9


  • Research Article on Closing the Expectations Gap
  • Resources for Teachers (websites)
  • Parents Guides to CCSS by grade level


  • Bloom's Taxonomy Supports
  • Templates to Analyze Text
  • Activities for Implementing Standards
  • Lesson Plan Templates
  • Text Complexity—many resources


  • Basic activities for deepening understanding of CCSS
  • Process for creation of Performance Based Assessments 
  • Peer Editing Protocol
  • Mini-courses of key components of ELA standards
  • Analyzing text to read like a writer
  • How to develop question for argument writing


  • Essential skills and foundations needed for each standard at every grade level
  • Sample performance assessments template


  • Several training interactive activities for getting to know CCSS
  • Presentations for K-2,3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and other content areas to build background 


  • Curriculum Guide protocol
  • Instructional Materials Toolkit

New Hampshire:

  • ELA graphic
  • State Implementation Framework
  • Template for Implementation
  • Quick version of Understanding the ELA standards

New York:

  • Shifts in the standards for both Math and English Language Arts
  • Sample units of instruction for elementary, middle school, and high school
  • Preschool and Common Core
  • Rubrics to evaluate units of instruction


  • ELA Gap Analysis Template and Documentation for Process
  • Unit on Close Reading of Gettysburg Address
  • Curricular support for developing units of study based upon CCSS
  • Preschool (TK?) standards based upon Kinder CCSS
  • Teacher Inventory on use of Research skills


  • RtI supports
  • CCSS Facilitator Training Notes, Presentations, and Handouts


  • 21st Century Skills


  • Sample units for specific titles
  • Templates for developing units
  • Text Complexity presentation
  • Graphic Organizer of ELA Domains
  • Integration of Literacy Across the Content Areas presentation
  • K-1 presentation
  • Explicit Instruction template
  • Complex Texts in Science presentation
  • Trainer Notes for Text Complexity


  • Grade Level Highlights (could be used for parent education)
  • Graphic Organizer of ELA Skills/Concepts