The mission of the Migrant Education Program Region 16 is to “Ensure that all migrant students experience a high-quality education and improved way of life”. The Migrant Education Program fulfills this mission by:


  1. Coordinating and implementing high-quality academic, leadership, and health services for migrant students and parents through out Monterey County.
  2. Providing high-quality professional development for all staff responsible for supporting and instructing Migrant students and parents.
  3. Ensuring program compliance through monitoring and evaluation of direct funded and subgrant districts so that migrant programs and activities are aligned to high academic standards and fiscal guidelines.

The Migrant Education Program Region 16 takes pride in its legacy and responsibility to ensure the educational rights of all migrant students including access to a high-quality education, appropriate academic and social interventions, and physical and mental health well-being. The regional and district programs and services are designed with the needs of the students in mind with the ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap between Migrant students and non-migrant students.