Mission Statement

The mission of the Alternative Education Program of the Monterey County Office of Education is to prepare our students for future success by providing a supportive school environment that focuses on increasing academic and pro-social behaviors and skills, while providing functional life skills instruction. We respect and value the unique contributions of each of our students and our role in assisting them in becoming responsible, stable, and contributing members of society.
 Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR’s)

The goal of Alternative Programs is to enable all students to progress towards becoming:

  • ESLR # 1
    • Engaged learners who:
    • Demonstrate growth in reading, writing, and the application of mathematical concepts
    • Communicate effectively through oral and written expression
    • Think critically by evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing information for life-long learning
  • ESLR #2
    • Productive members of society who:
    • Demonstrate tolerance and positive interpersonal relationships within diverse settings
    • Demonstrate skills for constructive, non-violent conflict resolution
    • Demonstrate successful daily living skills
  • ESLR #3
    • Career focused individuals who:
    • Demonstrate technological skills to enhance learning
    • Develop occupational skills for success in the workplace
    • Learn the importance of ethics, integrity and global responsibility